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Imagination rules the world

"For the dreamer, it always rain. Do not let that make you place a roof over your dream" - Tablo /// fandoms I stan /// asian /// loves to drift away from reality /// hope will always lead you somewhere /// I seldomly tag stuff, not really
mark wants no part in this

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dbsk - color palettes [ 2/ ? ]

How I met your father

Me: It all started with a random MV on youtube...
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well, someone has had enough of girls days...

the hard life of the maknae

Nu'est + palette color (insp.)

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MBLAQ eras; colour palette

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- Nana Instagram Update

look like they really love their job XD

BIGBANG in MVs (Alive Era) + color palettes

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what experience? ( ಠ◡ಠ )

jackson approves of bald jackson, i say NO.

Shit jackson says @WGM TV EP05 Preview
Tiny Bunny